Friday, July 23, 2010

What's up world!

Yeah, I have been really missing in action. Could not even remember my password for my blogger account. Not even sure if I should keep my blog. Oh well, we will see. I have been extremely busy and lazy. Busy with work at work and house work at home. What can I say?
I will try my best to pop in once in awhile and probably jot a thing or two here next time.
It's FRIDAY.... :). Thank God it's Friday!
My son is on a long school vacation and is extremely bored at home. We just got back from South Carolina for a week vacation at Myrtle beach. It was awesome but it was also super hot. The heat index in SC, never goes down below 88F...but it was worst in's always in the high 90's. Gosh, I am ready for autumn or spring. Winter and Summer are the worst time of the year.

Oh well, that's my short current happenings right now. Will add more soon. See ya........